Campervans & Caravans

Campervans & Caravans


We welcome Campervans and Caravans for those that like to park a few extra creature comforts on the Love Supreme site.

If you wish to bring a Campervan or Caravan you will need to buy a Campervan Pitch (up to 6 meters) at £60.00 (£66.00 inc. Booking fee).

If you wish to bring a larger Campervan or Caravan you will need a Whopping Campervan Pitch (over 6 meters) at £110 (£121.00 inc. Booking fee).

If you wish to bring a Caravan you need to measure the space required for the caravan and the car attached.

Campervan/Caravan pitches are assigned on a first come first served basis.

Electrical hook ups can be purchased along with your tickets for £45.

We also do not allow the use of petrol or diesel generators while on site at Love Supreme.

We advise Campervans it is best to arrive on Friday or before 11am on Saturday. You will still be allowed access but there may be some waiting time to enter the campervan area. There is currently a no leave policy for campervans between 10pm and 1am on Sunday. If campervans do need to leave between those hours they are best advised to move the campervan into the car park during the day. Campervans and caravans are only allowed entry once so if you leave the site you can only return to the car park.

If you bring a caravan or campervan on site you will need to purchase a weekend camping ticket for each person staying in the vehicle. 

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