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30 / 06 / 2017

Signed to Tru Thoughts, LAKUTA reference a wide range of genres in their writing, blending traditional instruments with a modern, hard-hitting sound.

Drawing on their backgrounds in jazz, funk, soul and world music to create a modern sound, the group is fronted by Kenyan-Tanzanian vocalist Siggi Mwasote and percussionist and vocalist Cicely Taylor. The name “Lakuta” is derived from Siggi’s mother tongue and translates from Swahili to mean ‘to find, meet, share or feel full’.

Before joining Lakuta, Siggi grew up singing in choirs and in a jazz trio. Whilst living in London she also had the opportunity to perform with the revered English National Opera, and make punchy dance music records. Cicely’s training in latin percussion and penchant for vintage funk and rare world music drove her musical passions, and when the two met they formed a choir together and it wasn’t long before Siggi was invited to join Lakuta.

Influenced by their travels in Africa and South America, they have generated their own unique lyrical style with a fresh beats-funk-soul twist which has attracted great support. This fusion of African and Latin rhythms is driven by a powerful female-led perspective which is passionately communicated through the music.  This is reflected in songs such as ‘Yansan’, written about the fate of women and children in Charles Taylor’s Liberia, ‘Rice & Peace’ about the plight of single parents and more recently ‘Afromama’ about the schoolgirls taken by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Lakuta’s highly danceable mix of Afrobeat, Funk and Latino grooves has led them to tour extensively, headlining stages at venues and festivals across the UK and Europe.

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